"The Price" is set to appear at Comic Con - according to the press release:

Los Angeles and NYC based filmmakers James St. Vincent & Zeke Pinheiro will be attending Comic-Con to promote the film alongside their cast which includes renowned indie filmmaker, Carlos Gallardo (“el Mariachi”), Solomon Trimble (“Twilight”) and Mali Elfman

Filmmakers James St. Vincent and Zeke Pinheiro will travel from NYC and Los Angeles for the screening of their short film, “The Price,” (official website) at the Comic-Con Convention & International Independent Film Festival on July 20-24th. They will be joined for the screening and panel by established actor and producer, Carlos Gallardo, whose film “el Mariachi” catapulted him and partner Robert Rodriguez into independent film acclaim when they won the Sundance Film Festival in 1993, and Mali Elfman, daughter of legendary composer Danny Elfman.

Set in an abrasive and economically devastated New York City, “The Price” tells the story of two outlaws and the bounty hunter who pursues them. Inspired by Italian Westerns of the 1960s, the film is a mash-up of “A Fistful Of Dollars” and “Mad Max” with a little “Escape From New York” to complete the highly stylized vision of this production.

“The Price” short was produced as both a stand-alone piece as well as a way to create awareness of the feature film version which is slated to begin principal photography Summer 2012 in New York City. Explains writer and co-director James St. Vincent, “I wanted to make a western. It was that simple. I wanted to make a 1960′s Italian style western with Zapatista overtones a la Sergio Corbucci. And I wanted it to be a complete story from beginning to end rather than just a chapter in the bigger story.”

Official festival selections since Spring 2011 include The Vail Film Festival, CineFest San Antonio, The Long Island Film Festival and The Los Angeles International New Wave Film Festival. Upcoming screenings include The Manhattan Film Festival and The AOF Festival in LA. In September the team will travel to Almeria, Spain as an Official Selection for the Almeria Western Film Festival which takes place amongst the still standing sets from many of the most well known Spaghetti Westerns such as “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” and “A Fistful of Dollars”.

Comic-Con Screening & Panel
Thurs July 21 | 11:45AM | Marriot Marquis Hall 1 & 2

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The Trimble bros. (that should be a trademark) latest project "The Price" is currently at the number one place on the Vail Film Festival's site :)

Please vote HERE to keep it at the top spot!

See more details on the short-film HERE
Christmas came early, boys and girls in the shape of Sol's new movie "The Price".

Directed by Zeke Pinheiro and writer James St Vincent, The Price stars Solomon as "Arrio" with Desperado's Carlos Gallardo as Ceferino and tells the story of:

"A post-modern 'western' film that explores the difference between an outlaw and a criminal.  Set in an economically ravaged New York City with no central authority, the story centers around two bandits and a bounty hunter".

You can watch the trailer - which looks really good - via the link below :)

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P.s. I'm not 100% but I'm fairly sure that Sol's brother, Isaac may be making an appearance in this movie - apparently we were very good this year ;)
Finally, Sol's on my side of the ocean!

"Solomon Trimble, who appeared in the movie ‘Twilight’ (2008), will be attending the ‘New Moon Release Party’ on Sunday 15th November 2009 at the Crowne Plaza hotel Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9.

This event is an all day celebration of the Twilight Saga, books and movies. Fans can take part in a table quiz competition; activities based around the vampiring theme, ask Solomon about his experience on set, and watch the first movie, 'Twilight' (2008).

Solomon will also be doing a signing, tickets can be purchased soon through our online store or at the event itself, if not sold out in advance.

Questions for Solomon?

You can submit question suggestions to us prior to the event. We will select the best, most creative questions to ask Solomon live on stage at the event. Please include your name if you would like to be mentioned with your question. Please submit all questions to: TwilightIrelandEvent@gmail.com with "Question for Solomon" in the subject bar."

Tickets are available here - who's coming with me?!?!  :D

Thanks Twilight Events Lynda!


Native American actor Solomon Trimble is pictured with the robe his mother made from a Pendleton blanket which he wore in the film "Twilight."

A wolf design on the robe symbolizes the Quileute wolf clan described by author Stephenie Meyer. The actor presented the "piece of movie memorabilia" to the Quileute Council.

Here he is pictured with Quileute Tribal Council Secretary Anna Rose Counsell.

 - Thanks to Jackie Jacobs at JJ Talent Group.


Care of the Peninsula Daily News a great report of the Quileute Days Celebration where Solomon was honoured as a special guest:

"Quileute Days' 'Twilight' guest helps to set record attendance

LaPUSH -- Tired, hungry and little jet-lagged, Solomon Trimble signed every last autograph and posed for dozens of pictures with "Twilight" fans wearing a Hollywood smile.

The 25-year-old actor who played Sam Uley in the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's first novel of Forks-based fictional series, said he was "honored" and "deeply moved" to be a special guest at Quileute Days on Saturday.

And his appearance for star-struck and admiring fans gave the annual Quileute Days its best-ever attendance.

"It's been a dream of mine to participate in a celebration like this," said Trimble, after dancing with tribal members in a transformational dance at the A-Ka-Lat center in LaPush.

"What an honor it is to be here. I'm all choked up."

In "Twilight," Trimble plays a young Quileute man who gives heroine Bella Swan her first indication that something is amiss with her vampire love.

His turning-point line: "The Cullens don't come here."

Quileute culture

Trimble on Saturday acknowledged that the Quileute didn't have enough input on the film adaptation of the LaPush-based tribe.

By coming to Quileute Days, Trimble -- who is Mescalero Apache and Lakota Native American -- who is said he was able to experience part of the Quileute culture.

He joined a group of 45 dancers and singers from the Quileute, Quinault and North Star tribes in a 2 ½-hour cultural arts program.

He wore black shorts with a red and white cape gown, and carried a decorative wolf headpiece in the ceremonial dance.

'Into our home'

"We are honored to have you into our home," said Sonny Woodruff, who organized the dance with tribal vice chairwoman Bonita Cleveland.

After the dance, Trimble gave Cleveland a robe he received from his mother.

"My mom said you have to give it back to me in 50 years when you're done with it," Trimble said.

"I did not expect anything like that," Cleveland said of Trimble's gift. "I feel very honored."

As part of the Quileute's tradition of returning a gift with another gift, Cleveland gave Trimble a robe depicting an eagle and a whale.

Largest turnout

A combination of the movie star's appearance, and some quick planning by Jackie Jacobs and Justin Finkbonner of the Lummi tribe, contributed to the largest turnout at Quileute Days that tribal chairwoman Carol Hatch has seen since 1985, when the tribe rallied to keep the 100-year-old event running.

Hatch paused to estimate how many people attended Saturday's events, which included a parade.

"I'd say about 2,000," Hatch said, adding that the popularity of Twilight books and moviebrings "a whole new crowd" to LaPush

Guests paid $25 a head to attend the ceremonial dance.

Autographed photos of Trimble were selling fast at $5 apiece. Visitors could also have their picture taken with the actor for $10.

Proceeds from the event are going back to the tribe to support next year's Quileute Days, Hatch said.

College testing

Trimble flew in from Atlanta on Friday after taking a test in pursuit of his master's degree.

He already holds a math degree with a minor in philosophy.

He was scheduled to leave today.

The long-haired actor said he wants to become a epidemiologist to help stop the spread of disease in tribal nations.

He proudly admits that he lives his life "110 percent drug- and alcohol-free."

"I attribute my success to that," said Trimble, after signing about 100 autographs and taking scores of photos with "Twilight" fans.

Since he's "always sober," Trimble said he has the time to pursue his education while still being an actor.

He agreed to attend Quileute Days before he found out he would not have a role in the next movie of the series, "New Moon," which will be released in the fall.

Quileute Days is an annual three-day event with numerous activities in LaPush.

It ends today with softball tournament, canoe races and bingo on the schedule."

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Thanks to Melanie for these photos - enjoy!

This is the one I secretly wanted... don't tell! ;)
P.s. Don't forget about tomorrow's Quileute Nation celebrations with Solomon!

There have been lots of fun reports from the Vampire Baseball game on July 4th for the Make-A-Wish Foundation...

Twilighters Anonymous had live video feed, I'm Still Wandering blogged on behalf of the Fan Trips organizers (video and photos to follow) and Lana Veenker posted her photos from the game (please see below).

Check back for updates as more photos, videos and blogs surface :)

Oregon Live has an article with Solomon, Ayanna Berkshire (Cora) and Catherine Grimme (Young Bella) in light of the pending Vampire Baseball event in Portland for the Make A Wish Foundation, where Sol talks about how he was cast, how his life has changed and his plans for the future:

"Solomon Trimble played Sam Uley in "Twilight."Solomon Trimble Age: 25 "Twilight" role: Sam Uley; in the film, identified mainly as Jacob Black's friend; in later books, a leader of a pack of Native American/wolf shape-shifters Claim-to-fame moment: Ominously tells Bella that the reason Edward didn't come to a party at First Beach is because, "The Cullens don't come here."

How he got the role: "Catherine Hardwicke let me improvise, which I had cultivated doing poetry events. I remember I said something artsy-fartsy about the cold, and how you can be cold to the root of your soul. Now it sounds lame, but she said, 'Wow, you can do this.' I didn't think they were looking at me for the role of Sam, but then they told me I got the role.

"I don't reprise my role in 'New Moon.' They replaced me with another actor, Chaske Spencer. I know him, he's really good, I have no problems with him whatsoever. (Sam) ends up being the leader of the wolf pack for the next two books. If I was replaced with a non-Native person, I would be, like, down there at the gates of Summit Entertainment (the company behind the "Twilight" movies) saying, 'This is injustice.' "

The "Twilight" experience: "I spent a month and a half working with members of the Quileute nation to authenticate the film. I worked with wardrobe to make sure anybody Quileute was dressed Quileute. We shot my scene at, ironically, Indian Point beach, near Cannon Beach. It was windy and cold. It was snowing! I was wearing long underwear."

The "Twilight" effect: "I graduated from Portland State University with a degree in math at the same time I was cast in 'Twilight.' I'm spending the summer at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, and how I got here is very strange. Someone from the Quileute nation had recommended me to come and help give an award to Goldie Hawn in Washington, D.C., for her work with National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day. An old friend of mine from Beaverton Arts & Communication High School saw me, and told me about a summer fellowship program at Morehouse, studying epidemiology and working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I didn't have any acting projects lined up for the summer, so I applied and was accepted.

"'Twilight' definitely opened doors. I have a bunch of modeling projects lined up; I'm working on a poetry book; I'm coming to the PGE Park event; and I'm the guest at La Push in Washington for Quileute Days, July 17-19.

"I'm interested in acting but also in going to law school and working for national urban Indian health care. I want to stop the trend toward diabetes and alcoholism, and the disparity in health between us and other people. I want to have my hands in the change itself.

"I am currently an intern at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Coordinating Center for Environmental Health and Injury Prevention Centers (suicide prevention) in Atlanta, specifically to help close the gap of heath disparity between Native American health and that of all other races in America."

Thanks to my favourite TwiCrack Addict!

The Peninsula Daily News featured an article about Solomon's attendance at the Quileute Days celebration in July.

They point out the interesting fact that Sol "will be the first actor from the movie... to visit the North Olympic Peninsula in a 'Twilight' capacity.

'We wanted to share this [Quileute Days] experience with Twilight fans.'

Trimble has been a traditional Native American Grass Dancer since age 3... He served as a cultural consultant for a few films by Oregon Public Broadcasting in association with PBS, Jacobs said.

"He has always shown us much respect in interviews about his role in ‘Twilight’ and his desire to keep authenticity to the role.

'He has a huge fan base, and we are a part of that fan collective. It is going to be a real treat to have him join us.'

Dozens of message boards by fans proclaiming 'Team Solomon Trimble' supported his casting in the first movie, and a couple of e-mail petitions circulated when he was not recast for 'New Moon,' the sequel due to be released this fall.

...Um, sorry - did we just get a shout out?!  Why, yes - I'll think you'll find we did - AWESOME!

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